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Any employee taking this survey is guaranteed anonymity. When taking the survey, you will not be asked to enter your name, social security, or any other personal identification information that could be used to reveal your identity. Survey takers will use a randomly generated pass code, provided by your local supervisor or by the survey administrator. This pass code only identifies the Geographic Region or the Base that the survey taker is located at, and not the person taking the survey. Survey takers may be asked to enter some pertinent information regarding their specific work area (Flight Operations, Maintenance, Administration or Support). And you might be asked to enter your Job Title (Pilot, Mechanic/Engineer, Manager, Flight Nurse, Flight Medic, Support Worker, etc.) or years of experience working for Air Medical Transport Services Group. This information is only used to allow statistical comparisons to be made at the aggregate level needed to summarize survey results across the entire company. So, when you use this system to take the survey and submit your responses you can be assured that your identity is not discoverable by any means. Therefore, we are asking you to be honest in your ratings, and candid in your comments and suggestions for improving our safety program and work practices.