WELCOME to the Air Medical Transport Services Organizational Safety Effectiveness Survey

This Organizational Safety Effectiveness Survey (OSES) was developed specifically for Air Medical Transport Services to provide us with a means to monitor and to continuously improve our safety performance and organizational effectiveness. Use of this survey, along with other ongoing safety initiatives, puts Air Medical Transport Services in the forefront of advances in safety program management and operational performance. OSES is based on 16 years of research conducted by the US Navy, NASA safety specialists and organizational scientists from several top-rated universities. Additional background information regarding the development of the OSES can be found by clicking on About Survey.

You can preview the entire survey by clicking Preview Survey, without the need for a passcode. However, in order to take the survey and submit your responses you will need a passcode. The survey administrator will provide a unique passcode to you and will let you know when the online survey will be available.

This survey should be taken by all employees who conduct work operations that expose them to operational hazards and risks, including pilots, engineers, ramp workers, flight nurses, and flight medics. The survey also should be taken by those employees that make resource allocation and operational risk decisions, and those that manage flight operations, and people that work in maintenance and support activities. Our intention is to obtain your honest answers to the survey's rating items and your candid comments on the survey's open-ended items. Please be assured that all of your responses on the survey, both rating items and your comments on open-ended items, are completely anonymous. You can find out more about the protection of your identity by clicking on Survey-taker Anonymity.